Spring into shape with our form and recovery tips

08 Sep 2016, Posted by Dougie in Blog Articles

Oooh yeah – Spring is here!!


I for one am not made for winter, so i’m pretty stoked for the lighter mornings, longer days and daylight savings starting next month – bring it on!!!

No doubt many of you are upping your exercise regime in order to get ready for the looming summer months; dare I say, building and shaping that ‘beach body’…

There is no better motivator than the sunshine of spring to get you moving, however, there are 2 things you must remember, form & recovery. I’m not about to bang on at length regarding these 2 important factors, but if you can remember the following, it’ll set you up for an injury free launch into spring fitness.


  1. If you join a gym or increase your volume of training, remember that correct exercise form is priority over the amount of weight you are lifting. i.e. what is the purpose of the exercise you are doing? which muscles do you want to work?
  2. If you start running – do you need to be fitted for a new pair of trainers or have an assessment of your running mechanics?
  3. Jumping on the bike maybe? It can be very worthwhile to invest the time in getting a professional bike fit.
  4. If you jump in the pool to do some laps, perhaps entertain a few stroke correction sessions.

These are just a few examples, but you get the gist – it’s all about maximising your performance & minimising injury.


5 simple things to remember:

  1. Hydration – adequate fluids and electrolytes are essential for your bodies recovery process.
  2. Nutrition – fuel the machine you are building & cut back on the poor food choices.
  3. Stretching/mobilisation – remember your body maintenance; stretching, use a foam roller, spikey ball and/or yoga classes
  4. Adequate rest & sleep – this is so important to become fitter, stronger and perform at your best.
  5. Treatment – regular maintenance does absolute wonders for injury prevention which will allow you to reach your health goals.

Keeping these tips in mind when building your ‘beach body’ will allow you to launch into summer feeling great and looking healthy. Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you need to fine tune some detail with your training strategy and/or goals – if I can’t help you myself, I have a vast network of professionals who I can recommend.