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Remedial Massage√ Holistic approach to identify the origin of the biomechanical dysfunction
√ Specialised techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage and stretching
√ Improve the mobility of muscles, ligaments and tendons
√ Aid the elimination of toxins from muscles, increased blood flow and calm the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort
√ Benefits chronic conditions such as ongoing sporting injuries, frozen shoulder, RSI, tennis elbow, stress and fatigue
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Sports Massage √ Specifically geared towards the sporting individual.
√ Assists to prevent and relieve soft tissue injury, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue plus boost athletic performance and endurance.
√ Maintain good physical condition thereby extending both the good health and overall life of an athlete’s career.
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Pre & Post Event Massage√ Pre event massage assists to Increase circulation, flexibility and mental clarity to improve your overall performance on the day.
√ Post event massage assists to relax your muscle tone, increase your recovery circulation and restore your mobility/flexibility in order to return to training quicker with decreased stiffness and soreness.
√ Post-event massage can also serve as the first call for assessment of potential injuries so that a treatment/rehabilitation programme can be prescribed promptly.
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Cupping√ Treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and internal conditions
√ Extremely useful in relieving areas of Chronic Pain and Tightness on the body by removing toxins from the affected areas.
√ Decrease muscular tension and congestion, increased blood flow, release of scar tissue and adhesions and overall feeling of relaxation.
√ Common conditions that benefit from cupping are lower back pain, neck/shoulder tension, rotator cuff injuries, stress, sciatica and relief of cold/flu symptoms.
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