Why is hydration post massage important?

04 Sep 2015, Posted by Dougie in Blog Articles

Osteopath 3I always recommend lots of water post treatment and many clients ask me why, so below is the answer….

Massage increases circulation and hydrates your muscle tissues; the soft tissue manipulation provides an increase of blood flow to your muscles. When I hit ‘the spot’ during a treatment, that is an increase of blood flow to an area that has been nutrient deprived or circulation blocked by constricted muscles or trigger points. Muscle tightness comes from stress whether it be physical or emotional, from exercise or injury. This tension is toxic to our body and need the assistance of water to be flushed out; the more you drink and hydrate your muscles, the less pain you will be in post treatment. Water is invaluable for the body to function optimally and it also helps with hunger, headaches, lethargy, organ health and even weight loss.